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Your support is bringing JOY to children this Christmas.

Your support is bringing JOY to children this Christmas.

When you support Connected Hearts Ministry, you are not only helping children receive the gift of a forever family, but also helping them receive the medical care they need to thrive!

In 2017, through your support of our adoption funding program, Connected Hearts Ministry was able to help the Kokoska family adopt a little girl with cerebral palsy from China, named Lilli.

Since that time your support has also helped Lilli receive the medical care she needs to thrive.

In November, Connected Hearts helped the Kokoska family purchase a stander-elevator for Lilli’s power chair, which their insurance would not pay for. This stander converts her wheelchair to allow her to be able to stand and interact with others, and also strengthen her muscles. Lilli was able to receive her new chair this month. Below, Carrie Kokoska, Lilli's mom, describes her gratitude for the generous donors of Connected Hearts, and how this will help Lilli grow stronger, become more independent, and give her a more abundant life.

“We are so incredibly thankful for Connected Hearts Ministry and their generous donors. The wheelchair was approved (by our insurance), but the built-in power stander-elevator was denied. The amazing people at Connected Hearts went above and beyond, reaching out to a donor, to help us financially cover the rest of the costs and get this chair ordered! What a huge blessing!!!”

Check out this adorable video of Lilli signing "Thank you" for her new standard wheelchair.

This enables Lilli to weight-bear on her feet. She hasn’t been able to do this in 3 years. With the push of one button she moves from sitting to standing, or as close as she can come right now. The stander element requires the seat elevator, and there are added benefits to this other than therapy. The zoo!! Lilli has never been able to see over the railings to see the animals, and she is sooo looking forward to spring when we can go.Another benefit is that she can raise herself to the table, counter or eye level! The world is going to have an entirely new dimension now. Thank you for this astounding gift!!”

After having her stander wheelchair for several days, Carrie shared that Lilli was already showing progress!

Carrie said, “Lilli has spent all day going from sitting to standing. Just so absolutely vital to her stretching and building much-needed muscles! More movement than she has been able to have in three years. Lilli has learned to navigate the house and her bathroom without instruction, and we even visited the neurologist this morning, crossing the parking lot, two elevators and a scale all by herself! So incredibly thankful for this blessing! Such a huge blessing for Lilli and us! Couldn’t have done it without you!!

Thanks to your support, this Christmas Lilli is not only home with her forever family, but she will be able to participate in many new Christmas activities because of her stander wheelchair! We are truly grateful for your support in bringing joy this Christmas to Lilli, and so many children!


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to more children just like Lilli!

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