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Adoption board Fundraiser
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An easy way to make a difference on Orphan Sunday.
November 13th, 2022 

How can my church, school or business can make an impact for orphans?:

We invite you to take part in a simple way to impact a child's life, through an adoption board. Simply share the video above, and have members of your congregation, school or business choose one or more numbers from the board, and donate that amount. Once all the numbers have been taken, you will have raised over $5,000 to help orphans be united with their forever family! It's that simple, but it’s life changing for an orphan!  


Please fill out the short form below to receive your free adoption board fundraiser kit. The kit is simple, and includes everything you need.   

When should I host an adoption board fundraiser?:


The adoption board fundraiser can be shared anytime of the year to make an impact for orphans, and to get your community involved in orphan care. Some recommended times throughout the year include, Orphan Sunday/National Adoption month which are both in November, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Valentines, and anytime you want to share God's heart for orphans.  

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What the Free Kit Includes:

  • An Adoption board- Virtual or a Board Mailed to You. 

  • Downloadable Adoption Board Fundraiser Video

  • Downloadable Bulletin Inserts for Churches

  • Connected Hearts Ministry Messenger Bag (Can be used for staff or giveaways.)

  • Connected Hearts Ministry Mug (Can be used for staff or giveaways.)

  • Connected Hearts' Donation Envelopes. (If needed.)

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Below are a few organziations who have hosted an adoption board fundraiser.

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Adoption Board Fundraiser

To receive your toolkit, please fill out the information below.

Orphan Sunday Toolkit
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