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The Sueros Are Adopting Again!

In 2020, Connected Hearts had the privilege of partnering with the Suero family in their journey to adopt two children from Ukraine, Isaac and Lily. Isaac has epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and scoliosis, and Lily has a significant blood disorder. Your support has transformed their lives, as Rachel, their mother, shares below.

Isaac came home as a starving child who was barely hanging on when we met him. The change in him since then has been drastic, and his progress has been so beautiful to witness.... He was so malnourished and his bones were so brittle that he hasn't been able to have surgery, but he's FINALLY going to be able to next spring since he's gotten healthier and healthier.”

Before and After

Lily was loved in her orphanage, but the stress and uncertainty of her past, the impact of being raised in an institution, her medical needs, and her surprise diagnoses which were never addressed until she came home, all added up to create so much anxiety in her. However, she has absolutely blossomed over time and has been nothing short of a brave warrior in our eyes.

Before and After

Isaac and Lily are improving everyday, and the Sueros are stepping out in faith to adopt again!

Racheal said, “We're truly grateful for the support we received from Connected Hearts Ministry during our last adoption, and we are so happy and humbled to be back as we walk this road once more!”

This time, we're adopting from Bulgaria and are so excited to be matched with little "J" who is a 6 year old boy with some big needs, and an even bigger smile. Bringing home our previously unrelated children, Isaac and Lily from Ukraine in 2020 changed our family and our hearts forever.We've seen firsthand the absolute miracle that adoption is, and are still in awe of how God brings parents and children together from what feels like a world apart. It's a breathtaking thing to experience.”

"We're stepping out in faith and obedience, and we're confident that J will be coming home very soon. We could potentially travel as soon as December! We're working hard to fundraise while we wait so that when the time comes, we'll have the ability to race to him with no hesitation. We are so thankful for everyone who walks alongside us on this journey, and we appreciate every single prayer and any donation that anyone can spare for our family's adoption. Thank you so much!”

If you would like to read the Suero’s full adoption story, or make a tax deductible donation to help them bring “J” home, please click the link below.

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