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Adoption Funding

Connected Hearts Ministry

The Place to Start for All of Your Special Needs Adoption Funding!

(We help with special needs, older child, and sibling group adoptions)

Step 1: Apply

Click Here to fill out the short application to be considered for adoption funding.

(Also be sure to read the FAQ's to a make sure you qualify for the program.)

Step 3: Celebrate

Complete your adoption and welcome your new child into your home.

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How We Help You Raise Funds

We provide free one-on-one adoption funding coaching that helps families raise funds for their adoption through crowdfunding, fundraising and identifying and applying for grants. Our goal is to help every Connected Hearts family get fully funded!


Connected Hearts’ Families Receive the Following


  1. A Connected Hearts Crowdfunding Page - All donations made to the family are tax deductible, and the account stays open until the family travels to adopt.  

  2. One week featured on CHM social media page.

  3. Personalized one-on-one adoption funding coaching with the goal of helping families get fully funded.

  4. One personalized fundraiser created by CHM for the family’s social media launch week.

  5. A list of grants and help applying for grants. 

  6. Help with online and offline fundraisers.

  7. The opportunity to apply for additional funding through Hao Bao Bao Coffee and Open Hearts for Orphans. 

  8. Once a child is home, each family can also apply for a medical funding page to raise funds for their child's medical care.

If you have any questions about the application process, or are having trouble applying, please contact us at the  e-mail address below:

Connected Hearts Ministry
In Partnership with Open Hearts for Orphans

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We are honored to be partners with Open Hearts for Orphans. Open Hearts for Orphans is an amazing organization created to care for orphaned and abandoned children around the world through medical intervention, meeting basic needs, and providing "Say Yes" grants to families in the adoption process.


Open Hearts for Orphans provides "Say Yes" adoption grants, along with additional resources, including a copy of "The Connected Parent'', a strategic prayer partner, and quarterly trauma-informed training sessions.Their goal is to help more people bring children home into families and to wrap-around them in the process.


As a preferred partner, qualified Connected Heart’s families can apply for a $2,000 grant from Open Hearts for Orphans.

Connected Hearts Ministry
In Partnership with Hao Bao Bao Coffee

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We have been blessed to partner with Hao Bao Bao Coffee to provide additional funds for adopting families."Hao Bao Bao" means "precious baby" in Chinese, as they are on a mission to love and support precious vulnerable children worldwide! Hao Bao Bao Coffee donates $1 from every bag of coffee sold to a featured adoptive family or family preservation charity of the month.


Connected Hearts families can apply for funding by filling out the following Google Form, or emailing them at

How we help
  • Can you send me an Adoption Funding Application?
    The Adoption Funding Application is only available online.
  • What are the qualifications for the Adoption Funding Program?
    We consider both domestic and international private adoptions. Families can apply as soon as they have an approved application with an adoption agency. -You must be working with a licensed, child-placing adoption agency. - A married couple (man and woman) or single person who profess a belief in the Christian faith.
  • Do families adopting a child through DSS qualify for adoption funding?
    As most DSS adoptions are free, we do not raise funds for these adoptions. In addition, many adoptions through DSS also qualify for monthly financial assistance. Please see the following site for more information.
  • When will we be notified that we have been accepted?
    You will be notified of acceptance within 30 days of submitting your application. However, we will normally process your application within 1-2 weeks upon receiving your completed application.
  • Do we have to be matched with a child?
    You do not have to be matched with a child to receive adoption funding. While Connected Hearts has focused on helping children who are often overlooked for adoption (children with special needs, older children and children in sibling groups), we will temporarily be opening our fundraising program to adoptions beyond these 3 groups. Families will still go through the application process, but it is our hope that we can help alleviate some of the burden to adopting families during this time.
  • Can we submit an application for adoption funding before we have an agency?
    No, before applying you must be working with a licensed, child-placing agency.
  • How is the money distributed?
    We will send a check directly to your agency. Please note that we do not send checks directly to families.
  • What happens if my adoption falls through?
    If your adoption does not take place, any funds raised on our site will be distributed to other families on our family listings page.
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