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Welcome Home Moses Cramer!

In December, several Connected Hearts families, including the Cramers, embarked on journeys to bring their children home. The joyous outcome was a Christmas filled with love for these newly united families. Among these treasured children who came home in December is Moses Cramer.

Last January, the Cramers reached out to Connected Hearts with a heartfelt desire to adopt Moses, a little boy from Liberia born with shorter limbs on his left side. Despite their excitement, like many adoptive families, the Cramers faced a financial gap. Through Connected Hearts adoption funding program, the Cramers raised over $10,000 to make Moses's journey home possible.

The Cramers arrived home with Moses in December, just in time for Christmas. Amanda Cramer (Moses’s mom) said,

“I just wanted to share that my husband returned home with our son, Moses, on Sunday from Liberia. (I had to leave the week before). We wanted to thank you again for helping us significantly! I don’t have words to express how grateful we are for Connected Hearts.”

When speaking of Moses, Amanda said,

“Moses has always been described as “lighting” in our monthly reports, and we discovered exactly what they meant when we finally met our sweet boy! He is joyful and filled with laughter, his presence is a blessing beyond words.”

Thanks to your prayers and support, Moses got to experience his first Christmas surrounded by the warmth of his forever family. Your support has truly made a difference in creating a loving home for Moses and other children like him. We want to say a special thank you to our monthly partners and the Give 1 Help 1 Community. Your ongoing support helps us continue to grow and help more children know the love of a forever family. Thank you.


Thank you to everyone who supports Connected Hearts. Your support allows us to help families like the Cramers raise the funds needed to bring their children home.

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