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Get your small group or family involved in orphan care with the Give 1 Help One Bible study. This study will provide a look at orphan care from a biblical perspective. As your group/family goes through this study they will see that God has much to say about adoption and orphan care, and how we as Christians should respond.


The Give 1 Help One Bible study is free! We provide you with discussion questions, scriptures and statistics that pertain to orphan care, and a way that your group/family can take action to care for vulnerable children around the world.

Participant's and Children's Bible Study:

Video Links that Go Along With Study

Give 1 Help One Video (Shown during part 5: “Putting our faith into action.”)


Francis Chan Orphan Sunday Video (To be shown in part 4).


So Will I (100 Billion X) - Hillsong Worship (We recommend starting this at minute 4:48 and having the group think about how this relates to God’s heart for orphans.)

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