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The Andersons Are On their 8th adoption!

The article below is written by the Anderson family. Connected Hearts Ministry had the pleasure of working with the Andersons to raise funds to adopt their 8th child. Thanks to your support, the Andersons raised over $22,000! They are currently fully funded, and waiting to travel to officially adopt their daughter.

Special thanks to our monthly partners and the Give 1 Help One Community who have made it possible for us to help families like the Andersons during the pandemic. If you would like partner with us to help more children have a family, please consider joining our Give 1 Help One Community by clicking here.

Why did you decide to adopt?

Where to begin this adoption story? That is such a tough question! As I wrestled with this, I began to see how God has woven the story of our family together and all the ends are tangled up into a beautiful work of art. It is hard to define where one part ends and the next begins. I will dive in and attempt to start somewhere between here and there (wherever those may be).

We adopted our first child, Kaitlyn, in September 2010 from China and she joined our two biological sons. That journey changed our lives forever. We continued to adopt traveling to China in 2011 for Meilynn, 2013 for Addisyn and Ryan, 2015 for Greyson and Kristyn, and finally in 2016 for Emilyn. It has been a long time since we have been in the process to adopt. When I came home with our Emilyn in October 2016, I knew that we had one more spot. There was one more spot at the table, one more spot in the van, and one more empty bed in a bedroom. My heart was forever changed as I entered the orphanages and saw the children left waiting there. I have been a persistent advocate for children from China since 2010, when we adopted our first child.

The child of my heart lives in China. I spent years advocating for her and was determined to bring her home after settling in with Emilyn. When we were ready to begin, we were blindsided by new regulations that halted our process due to family size. I fought fiercely and faithfully prayed harder for mountains to move for more than 2 years. The beauty from these ashes was my deepening faith in the Father and the deepening belief I had that our family was not done growing.

For a year, we talked about other programs. We researched which countries we still qualified for, what the travel times were, and compared costs to our previous adoptions. We determined that the length of time for these adoption trips and costs would be considerably higher than our China adoptions. However, we were also confident that there was a child that needed our family and that our family needed another child. We requested files and prayed a lot,