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The Andersons Are On Their 8th Adoption!

Mark and April Anderson have adopted 7 children, and are currently in the process of adopting a little girl from the country of Georgia. Thanks to your support, the Anderson’s 8th adoption is fully funded! The Anderson’s lives have been radically changed by adoption. Below they share a little about their adoption journey. You can read their full story by clicking here.

When reflecting on why they decided to adopt again, April said, “Adoption changes you. The understanding and knowledge that children exist without a family to love and support them changes you at your core when you experience it firsthand. You view things differently and value people and relationships over things. You begin to see that there is more room at the table, an extra seat in the van, an extra space in a bedroom, and a whole lot of love left to give... My heart was forever changed as I entered the orphanages and saw the children left waiting there.”

When asked why they decided to adopt their daughter, April said, “The instant I saw her face, I knew. I knew I was looking into the face of my child. I inquired about her and found that she had cerebral palsy and strabismus. We are blessed with five children with cerebral palsy, so this need was something I felt very comfortable with, and knew we have many supports in place.”

Although the Andersons were excited to adopt again, they did not know how they would fund their 8th adoption. A friend of theirs referred them to Connected Hearts Ministry, and we began working with them to help raise the funds they needed.

Although they have adopted 7 times, this is their first time being part of Connected Hearts’ Adoption Funding Program. Thanks to your support, the Andersons raised over $22,000 through Connected Hearts! When asked how Connected Hearts was beneficial in helping them raise funds and get fully funded, the Andersons said, “This is such a testament to how God provides more than we could ever imagine, far beyond what we would believe. When we started this journey, we were sure that most of our expenses would be covered by a loan. We have completed 7 international adoptions and have found that it is increasingly difficult to fundraise for each subsequent adoption. We have NEVER had an adoption that was fully funded. We have always covered the majority of the costs with loans. God is so good!

When asked how Connected Hearts’ donors make a difference for adoptive families and their child, the Andersons said, It is impossible to describe the feeling when you finally hold the child that has taken up residence in your heart. When you watch them singing out praises, when you hear them praying to their Heavenly Father, when you snuggle in to read a book together. Taking away the pressures of financing allows more focus to be given to the ultimate task of forming attachments. It allows a less stressed parent to engage in bonding.”

"We can't wait to hold this precious girl and teach her just how treasured she is... We want her to know how much we love her and how very much her Heavenly Father loves her."

Thank you to everyone who supports the work of Connected Hearts Ministry. Special thanks to our monthly partners and the Give 1 Help One Community, who have made it possible for us to help families like the Andersons during the pandemic. Your support helped the Andersons get fully funded! We look forward to seeing their daughter home with her forever family soon!

**Thank you April and Mark Anderson for letting us share your story. We highly recommend that everyone read their full story by clicking here.

** Video credit: Chosen and Dearly Loved/Lifesong for orphans


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