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Thank You For Helping Provide Medical Funding to Over 40 Children!

Over the last ten years, Connected Hearts Ministry has helped over 500 children be adopted into loving families, and raised over 1.5 million dollars to help care for the most vulnerable orphans around the world. Advocating for waiting children and helping them come home to a forever family, is what our ministry was founded to do, and what we are still focused on doing every day.

Today we want to highlight a very important part of our ministry that may not be as well known though. This is our medical funding program. Our adoption funding program is focused on helping children who are most often overlooked for adoption. These are typically children with special needs or children who have severe medical needs. Often times these children have not received the medical care they desperately need while in an orphanage. When they are adopted they typically need expensive therapies, dental procedures, medical surgeries, medical equipment and other medical care that most insurance do not pay for. That is where Connected Hearts Ministry comes in.

Through our medical funding program, we currently help over 40 children on a continuing basis with their medical needs. We have helped pay for expensive medical equipment such as electric wheelchairs, heart monitors, breathing equipment and more. Medical funding has helped pay for life-saving heart and brain surgeries, dental surgeries, doctor visits, and much more. In addition, we help pay for programs and equipment that enhance the quality of life for these children. Children in our program have received educational materials to catch them up in school, swim therapy lessons, therapy dogs, and even therapy adaptive bikes.

These children deserve to have the same opportunities as any other child. We are committed to helping their families provide these opportunities. Thank you for helping these children not only find a forever family, but also be able to thrive when they come home!


Help Children Thrive AfterAdoption by Donating to

Connected Hearts Ministry.

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