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Some Good News to Brighten Your Day!

The Mannchen Family

Adopted Bo Bei from China on

December 9, 2019

With 24/7 news coverage of the coronavirus, we thought you could all use some good news. Here is a quick and inspiring story of one family's journey to bring home their daughter.

We want to introduce you to the Mannchen family. The Mannchens are an international family. Uli is from Germany, Liz is from America, and Bo Bei (the newest addition to their family) is from China. As a little girl, Liz had a strong feeling that one day she would adopt a little girl from China. Before Liz and Uli were married they discussed adoption as a way to grow their family, and that soon became their plan and vision.

On December 9th, 2019 that vision became reality. That was the day they officially adopted Bo Bei from China. Because of supporters just like you, Connected Hearts Ministry was able to provide adoption funding and support to help the Mannchen family adopt Bo Bei, and give her the love and care she deserves.

The Journey to Adopt Bo Bei

Liz described how she felt as they prepared to adopt Bo Bei. She said, "For over 13 years, we've worked and served internationally in areas of extreme poverty and orphan care. When it finally came time to bring home our child, we were so excited but so nervous! What would it be like? How would she react?" On December 9th, Liz's questions were answered. In the following quote Liz describes what it was like meeting Bo Bei for the first time.

"After a long journey over to China, we were ready to meet our daughter! Our "gotcha day" was far from anything we ever expected. We planned for our daughter to be scared or resistant when she first met us. Shy or even in shock. But what we never expected was for her to run into the room, yelling with joy "Moma, Baba!" (Mommy, Daddy) and leap into our arms with hugs and kisses. And it's been like this every day since. We believe that like we knew for a very long time, Bo Bei was our daughter, her heart also knew that we were her parents. And that the day we were finally together, it wasn't an introduction; it was a reunion!" Bo Bei is now home and thriving with her "Moma and Baba." She is being loved and protected by her forever family during this difficult time. Thank you to everyone who made this "reunion" possible.

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