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November is National Adoption Month:Welcome Home Elisheba!

Christin and M.J. Perryman have always had a heart for children with special needs. This led them to pursue the adoption of a little boy from China who has down syndrome. In 2018, the Perrymans completed their first adoption, and brought home their son, Eliyahu. Thanks to your support, Connected Hearts was able to provide funds for the Perrymans to adopt Eliyahu. Eliyahu is dearly loved, and is thriving in the Perryman family!

Six months after completing their first adoption, Christin felt God calling them adopt again. She began to look at photos of children with special needs who needed a loving family. She came across the picture of a little girl with down syndrome, and shared it with M.J. M.J. looked at the picture and said, this is our baby girl.” When my husband said those words, I knew that was confirmation, and it was God's plan for this precious baby girl to be ours. She is chosen & wanted.”- Christin Perryman

The Perrymans began the adoption process to bring home this little girl from Vietnam. Through your support of Connected Hearts Ministry, we were able to help the Perryman family raise a portion of the funds necessary to complete their second adoption. On September 17th, the Perrymans brought home their daughter, who they named Elisheba. Below is a letter that the Perryman family wrote to say thank you for your support.

We want to thank you with all our hearts, because of your selfless giving there is one less

orphan in the world. She will be shown the love that she so rightfully deserves, the way that God intended it to be in the first place, in a loving God-fearing family. We named her Elisheba Jade Perryman. Her first name, Elisheba, in Hebrew means God is my Oath…. Also, our daughter will learn and know her God, her Savior, the Holy Spirit, and what has been done in her life… May God bless you, keep you and shine on you. Thank you for being a part of our adoption journey.

-Sincerely M.J. & Christin Perryman”

Thank you for your continued support of Connected Hearts! Your support is giving children like Eliyahu and Elisheba, the priceless gift of a forever family!


Make a gift today in honor of National Adoption Month,

to help more families provide a loving home to children with special needs.

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