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After four years of waiting, Harper is spending her first Mother's Day with her forever mom!


Four years ago, Harper arrived at Bethel, an orphanage in China, with just eight months until she aged out. If she aged out of her orphanage, she would no longer be able to be adopted. As an older child and blind, Harper's chances of being adopted in eight months were unlikely. But a remarkable community united, advocating and fundraising tirelessly. 

Thanks to this community of advocates, Harper found a family! Sarah Fields stepped forward excitedly to adopt Harper. Having been part of the community who advocated for Harper, Connected Hearts was excited to partner with Sarah to help her complete the funds needed for Harper's adoption. 

Unfortunately, shortly after partnering with Sarah, the pandemic happened, resulting in Sarah being unable to travel to China. Despite setbacks like COVID-19, Sarah's determination endured. Since she had already agreed to adopt Harper before the pandemic, Harper did not age out. Instead, she was allowed to stay at the orphanage until travel and China adoptions opened back up. This January, after four years of waiting, Sarah was finally able to bring Harper home! Sarah are Harper are thrilled to finally be together! This weekend Harper will be spending her first Mother's Day home with Sarah!

Below is the update Sarah gave about Harper:

"Harper (Bei Bei) is full of joy and zest for life. She loves everything! She is eager to try all new things and meeting new people.

She has taken to being the little sister to 6 siblings but even more the BIG sister to the 7 grandchildren… Most of all Harper LOVES school. She adores her teachers and is getting fantastic support at the Kansas State School for the Blind. She already knows the braille code and has learned the sounds each letter makes. Her English has exploded and we rarely use the translation support we have at home. She gets to swim and be involved in all kinds of special art, music and physical activities but beach ball volleyball is her favorite.

Harper loves music so attending church services are at the top of her list of favorite activities. We are so lucky to have a church close that runs a concurrent English/Mandarin service. They have welcomed Harper into their Chinese Choir and she even got to sing a solo!

We were overwhelmed with the love and support we received while we were working towards bringing Harper home, and that love and acceptance has continued seamlessly into her life here in the states. We are truly grateful for all of those who helped us get here and celebrate your generosity in a joyful life full of new and exciting things. Thank you for taking this journey with us making it possible by your generous heart for orphans." - Sarah Fields


Thank you to everyone who supports Connected Hearts. Thanks to your support, Harper, and many other children are not alone this Mother's Day, but instead are celebrating this Mother's Day with their forever mom.

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