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Congratulations Jian on Graduating with Honors!

In 2015, Connected Hearts Ministry had the immense privilege of assisting Chris and Heidi Miller in adopting a 10-year-old boy from China named Jian. At the time, Jian was battling severe scoliosis. Since then, he has undergone multiple back surgeries and is now thriving.

Jian's first summer in the US.

We are overjoyed to share that Jian recently graduated high school with honors! During his senior year, he was selected for a high school work-study program in cyber security at an army base, where he excelled. His outstanding performance earned him a job offer to continue working there while attending college!

In regards to Jian being adopted, Chris and Heidi said,

"When you ask Jian about his past 9 years here, becoming a US citizen, a Christian, a Miller and now a high school graduate with honors- he talks about the gratitude and the honor and appreciation for the favor of God. 

He also questions why me? He knows there are so many that don’t get the chance to have this life, as we do too, but we always say no one knows the plans but God. But Jian says had he never been chosen out of a website of hundreds or maybe thousands of other children by an Aunt who prayed for The Lord to order her steps (through an orphan hosting program), he would never be where he is today. And for that he is truly grateful, and as his parents, so are we, and everyone who reads this and has had the honor of knowing Jian, I’m sure you believe the same. What an honor it is to know our sweet Jian."

Jian with his Aunt Kendra and Uncle Steve.

Inspired by their adoption experience, the Millers were driven to help even more orphans find forever families. Chris, who is the pastor of Genesis Church, along with their congregation, who were already deeply committed to supporting orphans, partnered with Connected Hearts Ministry. Through their monthly contributions, Genesis Church has helped hundreds of children receive the invaluable gift of a loving, permanent home. 

Congratulations, Jian, on your incredible achievements! A heartfelt thanks to Genesis Church, and everyone who supports Connected Hearts Ministry, making these life-changing stories possible.


Thank you to everyone who supports Connected Hearts. Your generous support helps children find their forever families, enabling them to grow, thrive, and reach their dreams.

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