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From Legally Blind, to Seeing Life in a Whole New Light!

In last month's newsletter, we highlighted our medical funding program showing how we help families after their adoption is complete. As mentioned, we help families pay for expensive therapies, dental procedures, medical surgeries, medical equipment, and other medical care that insurance will not pay for. Today we want to share how this program is helping Alayna, who was adopted from Bulgaria by Billy and Jenny Little. You can read more about their adoption journey by clicking here.

Alayna was born premature, and suffered asphyxia (lack of oxygen) shortly after birth. Due to this, Alayna has various medical problems, was non-verbal and was legally blind. However, because of the love and care that Billy and Jenny are providing, and the proper medical care she is now receiving, Alayna is making great progress!

Through our medical funding program, Connected Hearts Ministry had the privilege of helping the Little family pay for special glasses to help Alayna see clearly for the first time. In 2022, Jenny sent a video of Alayna receiving her glasses (see below). As you watch the video you can see the joy on her face as she is seeing things she has never been able to see before.

When talking about Alayna's vision before she got new glasses, Jenny said,Alayna was legally blind and could only see 6-8 inches past her nose. After Alayna received her glasses Jenny said, "Alayna is running now. She is climbing ladders, sliding down slides…all of which she was afraid to do before because of her inability to see. She can see faces now, which may encourage more language development. She can see animals clearly and is quickly learning how to identify these animals through sign language. She is exhibiting less fear to noises, because she can now see their source." This only happens because of your support of Connected Hearts Ministry.

Click the video to watch Alayna see clearly for the first time!

Since that time Alayna has continued to make great progress. Jenny wrote, Alayna has grown quite a bit both physically and mentally. She’s started a handwriting program that she seems to enjoy. She loves to ride a scooter, helping in the kitchen with meal preparation, and participating in daily chores... Alayna greets strangers with a smile and wave, she loves puzzles and playing dress-up, and she’s very gentle with animals. She’s increased her vocabulary. (Presently she can say around 30 words with minimal cuing).

Currently, through our medical funding program, we are helping provide counseling therapy sessions for Alayna. The organization the Littles are using works specifically with adoptive families, and provides a strong Biblical outlook on therapy.

Our mission through our Medical Funding program is to help families thrive once the adoption is complete. While in an orphanage many children are unable to receive the proper medical care they need. They also miss out on the love and nurture that a family provides. Our goal is to help take the financial burden of costly medical care off of families so that they can focus on loving and nurturing their children.

As you can see, Alayna is now in a loving family who is providing exactly what she needs to grow both physically and mentally. Your support of Connected Hearts and our medical funding program is playing a part in helping children just like Alayna receive the medical care they need. You are helping children see for the very first time, providing much-needed counseling, medical equipment, surgeries and so much more. Thank you for helping children come home to loving families and thrive once they are home.


Help Children Find the Love of a Family and Thrive After Adoption by Donating to Connected Hearts Ministry.

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