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Alayna is Home in Time for Christmas!


Alayna is Home in Time for Christmas!

Thanks to your support, Alayna will be celebrating her first Christmas with her forever family! Last year Jenny and Billy Little applied for Connected Hearts’ adoption funding program to help them adopt their daughter Mima (who they renamed Alayna) from Bulgaria. Connected Hearts began working with the Littles to help them raise funds and apply for grants. Thanks to the generosity of many people, the Littles got fully funded very quickly! Below is what Jenny Little recently wrote about their adoption journey:

“In June 2020, through a family friend, we heard about Connected Hearts Ministry, and how they help adopting parents raise money for adoptions. Connected Hearts went to work right away. They helped us set up a fundraising page, provided recommendations and advice for fundraisers, shared our information with potential donors, and linked us with other organizations that offered grants for adoptions. Through the help of Connected Hearts Ministry, we were able to raise over $40,000 in only 12 months!

This past November Jenny and Billy traveled to Bulgaria to bring home Alayna. Alayna was born premature, and suffered asphyxia (lack of oxygen) shortly after birth. Due to this, Alayna has various medical problems, and is non-verbal. The Littles are already working with local doctors to get Alayna the medical care she has needed for many years. The Littles expressed their gratitude for your support, and for helping them get Alayna home. In regards to bringing Alayna home, Jenny said, “We are now home, and Alayna (along with the rest of our family) is adapting to her new life. We are excited to celebrate Christmas with her this year, and are deeply thankful for the Lord’s blessings throughout the entire adoption process. We are thankful for significant help from Connected Hearts Ministry, that made this process financially possible.”

Instead of spending another Christmas in an orphanage, Alayna will be celebrating this Christmas surrounded by the love and joy of her forever family!

Thank you for your support of Connected Hearts Ministry, and for giving Alayna the priceless gift of a family this Christmas!


We would like to say a special thank you to our monthly partners and the Give 1 Help One Community for your help in bringing Alayna home. The Littles began fundraising in 2020 near the start of the pandemic. While many organizations were having to scale back, Connected Hearts was able to not only stay open, but to help more families than ever before because of our monthly supporters. Without your support, Connected Hearts would not have been able to stay open and help families like the Littles. Thank you for giving Alayna, and many other children, a family this Christmas.

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