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3 Facts on the Orphan care crisis and how you can help!

Check Out the Video Below to Learn 3 Facts About the Orphan Care Crisis,

and 2 Simple Ways You Can Help!

Hello Orphan Advocates, 

Today we will give you 3 facts on the orphan care crisis, but more importantly we will give you 2 ways you can help make a difference in the life of an orphan right now! Watch the video, and then check out the links below to take action for the fatherless.

Below are the links mentioned in the video

Join the Give 1 Help One Campaign (You will receive a free CHM travel mug and monthly updates on how your support is making a difference).

Advocacy: To help advocate for children who are available for adoption visit our advocacy page: Adoption: To find out more information about a specific child on our advocacy page, please email us at: Make sure you like, share and subscribe to our Youtube channel. By subscribing to our channel you will get updates anytime we put out new content.    Thanks for watching!

Brandon Hudson Co-Founder and Orphan Advocate Connected Hearts Ministry

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