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Welcome Home Wendy and Evelyn!

Our mission at Connected Hearts is to help families raise the funds necessary to adopt children who are most often overlooked for adoption. These are children with special needs, older children and children in sibling groups. The Stanton family's story is a great example of why our ministry exists. As you will see, because of your support of Connected Hearts, a sibling group who were close to aging out of their orphanage, are instead now in a loving family. They have found the love and security they need and deserve. Thank you for making this possible.

In May of 2021, Patrick and Audra Stanton came across an advocacy photo of a 15-year-old girl in Colombia who would age out of her orphanage if not adopted. After much prayer, they decided to call the adoption agency that was advocating for her. After finding out more information about her, they were also told that she had a 13-year-old sister who was in need of a home as well. The Stantons were already a family of six. However, knowing they did not want the sisters to be separated, they decided to say yes, and add two teenage sisters to their family!

At the end of 2022, the Statntons traveled to Colombia to complete their adoption and bring home Wendy, who is now 17, and Evelyn who is 14. Audra said,

“Overall, we have had a pretty smooth transition. The girls have jumped right in with us and are doing well bonding with their new siblings, as well as Patrick and me”

It is only because of your support that children just like Wendy and Evelyn can stay together and be united with a forever family. Your support allowed us to help the Stantons raise over $17,000 to complete their adoption! The Stantons shared how Connected Hearts helped them during their adoption process:

"Connected Hearts played an integral role in our family’s fundraising for our adoption. The financial aspect of adoption was one of our biggest hesitations before beginning the process, but Connected Hearts came alongside us to encourage and support us to the very end. They went above and beyond to help us find all available resources to fund our adoption. They are passionate about not allowing finances to be a hindrance to children having a family, and we are eternally grateful for their help in adding our daughters to our family!"

Thank you again for helping Wendy and Evelyn stay together and be united with their forever family. Thank you for helping them find the love and security they need, desire, and deserve.


You can help more children just like Wendy and Evelyn be united with their

forever family by donating to Connected Hearts Ministry.

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