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Welcome Home Liana Faith!

Welcome Home Liana Faith!

Patrick and Lindsey Dispenza have huge hearts for orphans. They have fostered 23 children, and Connected Hearts was blessed to help them raise funds for their second adoption.

A few years ago the Dispenzas adopted a baby girl from the U.S. that was born severely addicted to drugs, and had cerebral palsy. After adopting their daughter, they knew they were called to adopt again; however, they were concerned about the high cost of another adoption. Lindsey said,

“We still knew our family wasn't complete, and at a conference this past year the Holy Spirit spoke to me and asked me to trust him and be faithful to our calling of true adoption despite our fear of cost.”

Shortly after the conference the Dispenzas moved forward with adoption. Lindsey said, “Our social worker shared with us the horrific outcomes for most children with down syndrome, and we immediately knew this was God's calling for us.”

The Dispenzas applied for Connected Hearts’ adoption funding program. We worked with them to raise funds and help them apply for grants.

The Dispenzas were supposed to travel to Bulgaria in December to adopt their daughter Liana Faith. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, their travel got pushed to January. We are rejoicing that on January 21st, the Dispenzas arrived in Atlanta, and Liana Faith is now officially home with her forever family! This adorable little girl is no longer an orphan, but a treasured and loved daughter! Praise God!

Special thanks to our monthly partners, and the Give 1 Help One community for helping make this possible. Thanks to your support we have been able to continue to grow, and give more children like Liana the priceless gift of a family. Thank you!


The Tings are inThailand Right Now:

We are excited to announce that the Ting family is in Thailand right now adopting their daughter! We’ll share more once they come home!


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