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Welcome Home Korlu and Dormowah Peters!

Connected Hearts Ministry had the pleasure of playing a small role in helping Mike and Jennifer Peters fund the adoption of two sisters from the country of Liberia. Thanks to your generous support, these adorable sisters not only get to grow up together, but they now also have the love of a mom, dad and additional siblings! Korlu and Dormowah are now surrounded with the love and joy of a family! The Peters’ adoption process took over 3.5 years to complete, but it was worth the wait. Shortly upon arriving home with their girls, Mike sent us the following message to share with everyone who supports the work of Connected Hearts. “We wanted to write you all to say "THANK YOU". Each of you played a part in us bringing home our babies…. The girls are settled and happy, and we are so happy to finally be all together as a family after waiting over 3.5 years. If you ever wonder if what you are doing makes a difference…it DOES! To everyone who supports the ministry of Connected Hearts, and those who supported the Peters family, we want to say thank you. It is only because of you that children like Dormowah and Korlu are home in a loving family! Thank you for helping keep these sisters together, and for helping them know the love of a forever family! _____________________________________________________________

You can help more children just like Korlu and Dormowah be united with their forever family by donating to Connected Hearts Ministry.

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