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Welcome Home Benny!

The Amigos Complete Their Second Adoption!

In 2019 Connected Hearts had the pleasure of working with Cameron and Brooke Amigo, to help them raise funds to adopt their son Samuel from India. Samuel has a rare heart condition. The Amigos were told he probably would not live to reach 10 years old. Shortly after arriving home, Samuel became a candidate for an experimental surgery. That surgery extended his life tremendously, and gave Samuel the opportunity to live a full life! Thank you for making this possible! (You can see the Amigos’ journey to Samuel, as well as his progress after surgery, in the video clip below.)

When thinking about continuing to grow their family, Brooke said,

“Samuel is truly a miracle, and it has been incredible to see God's faithfulness throughout our journey. As Cameron and I discussed our plans for continuing to grow our family, it became abundantly clear that God was leading us toward adoption once again.”

In 2021 Connected Hearts partnered with the Amigos to adopt their son Benny from India. Benny was diagnosed with a rare form of bladder cancer when he was three. Connected Hearts helped the Amigos apply for grants, and raise funds to bring Benny home. In regards to raising funds through Connected Hearts, the Amigos said,

“Connected Hearts was instrumental in our adoption process. Their platform for financial support is terrific - beside the donations it also opened the door for conversations with family and friends about adoption. The exposure it provided through social media created an incredible response of support…”

Thanks to the generosity of many people, Benny arrived home towards the end of 2022! Upon arriving home, the Amigos took Benny to an oncologist. Benny had undergone 15 weeks of Chemotherapy and radiation in India shortly after being diagnosed. The oncologist in the U.S. told the Amigos that Benny’s latest biopsy showed no signs of cancer!He has been in remission since his original treatment, almost 3 years now.

Regarding Benny’s health, the Amigos said, “Once he reaches five years in remission we can sleep a little easier, as the chances of the cancer returning decrease dramatically. Due to his treatment, Benny is very small for his age. Chemo and radiation stunt bone growth, so while the rest of his body is growing, his pelvis is not. This may cause complications down the road. Benny is active and healthy and has such a fun personality. Our main prayer for the next few years is that the cancer stays gone.”

Thank you for your support of Connected Hearts, and for giving children like Sammy and Benny the opportunity to be part of a loving family.


You can help children just like Benny be united with their forever family by donating to Connected Hearts Ministry.

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