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The Littles Raised Over $13,000 In a Few Months!

Despite the challenges that 2020 brought,you helped make this year better for children here in the U.S, and orphans around the world. As the financial challenges began to rise, the need for financial support for adoptions became greater than ever before. Despite the uncertainties the world faced, you stood in the gap for children and families. Because of your support, 51 families were able to raise funds for their adoption this year! We can not thank you enough. One of those families was the Littles.

Meet the Littles!

Jenny and Billy Little have 7 biological children, and they are in the process of adopting a child from Bulgaria. With a family this large choosing to adopt, Billy said, The question that is usually asked is “why”... With all of these kids, why do you want more children?” Billy explained that God showed their family that there are many children who are hurting and needing a loving family. Through the culmination of many events, God confirmed to the Littles that He was calling them to adopt. (Check out their extended video here to hear the full story.)

Although the Littles knew they were called to adopt, they had concerns about the high cost of adoption. They were told their adoption would cost between $35,000 to $40,000. In addition to the high cost of adoption, the Littles also had the added financial challenges that arose with fundraising during Covid-19. Despite the financial barriers they knew they would face, the Littles trusted God and moved forward with adopting.

Earlier this year a friend introduced the Littles to Connected Hearts. We quickly began working with them to raise funds. In just a few months, the Littles raised over $13,000! When asked about the fundraising process, Jenny said, “(Connected Hearts) has been able to take this large amount… and do little fundraising activities with us to break it down into smaller chunks… They did the adoption board with us, for example, and within 2 weeks we had raised $5,000!” In addition to fundraising, Connected Hearts was able to recommend grants for the Littles. Between the grants and the fundraising efforts, the Littles have received over $18,000 in only a few months! In regards to the financial assistance, Jenny said, “We’re very thankful to Connected Hearts, and to everyone who has donated. Every amount is such a blessing to us.”

In a year of financial challenges, you helped remove the financial barrier for families like the Littles. Thank you for bringing hope and joy to so many children this year.

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