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Impact Story: Elliott- From Life Support to Improving Every Day!


Thank you for your continued partnership during these unprecedented times. Given the situation we all find ourselves in, we've all had to make changes. However, even with all of these changes, one thing has not changed here at Connected Hearts Ministry- our passion for caring for vulnerable children, and helping connect them to forever families. Your support has been vital in helping us continue our mission of caring for the most vulnerable orphans.

Below is a brief overview of the work you are helping make possible during this time:

  • We are currently helping over 40 families raise funds for their adoption, and providing free adoption funding coaching to each family.

  • We are providing medical funding for over 25 children who have been adopted. (To pay for surgeries and costly medical expenses. ) See Elliott’s story below.

  • We are currently advocating for 6 children who are blind. Through our partnership with Bethel China (orphanage for the blind) we will be hosting a virtual advocacy night soon!

Impact Story: Elliott- From Life Support to Improving Every Day!

A few years ago Connected Hearts had the pleasure of helping fund the adoptions of twin brothers Elliott and Henry Smith. The boys have been doing great with their forever family for the past few years. Unfortunately, on May 16th, 2020 Elliott was found unconscious in bed, having a seizure. He was taken to the hospital where they ran various tests, and found out Elliott had four different viruses. His condition rapidly declined over the next few days. Six days later doctors called the family in to discuss the situation. The Smith’s said, “We were completely blind-sided as they explained the extent of his brain damage, stating that he would most likely be unable to breathe probably with or without his ventilator, unable to see, hear, or talk.”

The Smiths found out about another treatment option for Elliott, but it was costly, and their insurance would not cover it. They contacted Connected Hearts and asked if we would consider helping with the cost. Thanks to generous donors, we were able to send Elliott to New York to get the treatment he needed to save his life. For the past several weeks Elliott has been receiving multiple treatments to help regenerate his good brain cells. Below is what the Smith’s said about Elliott’s progress:

“We are really happy with the improvements that he is making. … Before he would moan and make a little noise. He didn’t really cry or fuss. Now he is vocalizing constantly. He is trying to imitate the words of songs that we play for him, and he is copying words said to him… Elliott is also gaining overall muscle tone and head control. He was very floppy and had no head control. We were really concerned about him sitting in a carseat. His head control has improved so much that if his head falls to the side he can pull it back to neutral... He is acting appropriately to stimuli. He wasn’t really responding to pain very well, but now he cries and gets really upset when something hurts or he is uncomfortable. He also responds appropriately to things that make him happy. Elliott has regained a beautiful smile... melts your heart sort of smile.”

Without funding, Elliott’s family could have never afforded the treatment he is receiving. Thank you for giving Elliott the chance to live and be all that God created him to be!

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