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How One Pastor and His Church are Making a Difference For Orphans

Landon Reesor is the pastor of Christ Community Church in Darien, CT. Landon and his wife Cristy have a deep heart for orphans. They have adopted 2 girls from China who both have special needs. Landon and Cristy lead a church that is passionate about caring for orphans. Christ Community Church is making a tremendous impact in their community, and around the world. The Reesors' leadership has even encouraged other couples to adopt. One of those couples are Cameron and Brooke Amigo, who are currently raising funds through Connected Hearts for their second adoption!

This November Connected Hearts is partnering with Christ Community Church for the 20th Anniversary of Orphan Sunday! Below, Landon shares how Connected Hearts has impacted his family, and how Orphan Sunday makes a difference that can last for eternity.

How has Connected Hearts helped your family through adoption and medical funding? "Connected Hearts has been a huge partner and major encourager to us during our adoption and medical funding journey. Not only did they assist us in the initial process of raising funds to bring our daughter Lia home, but they have continued to walk alongside us as we've sought help in providing the ongoing medical care that was needed for Lia and Lili."

How do you think partnering with Connected Hearts for Orphan Sunday benefits church congregations, adoptive families and orphans? "God's heart passionately bends towards the widow, stranger, and orphan. Over and over again, in both the Old and New Testament, we see God challenge His people to be His hands and feet of compassion to these often marginalized people. Partnering with CHM throughout the year and especially on Orphan Sunday gives pastors and their people a practical, tangible way to demonstrate that compassion and make a difference that could last for eternity!"

How does giving to Connected Hearts Ministry on Orphan Sunday (and throughout the year as part of the Give 1 Help One Community) make a difference for orphans and adopting families like yours? "Without the generous gifts of CHM and it's partners, there is no way we could have afforded to bring our girls home and provide them with the significant medical care they've needed over the last 8 or 9 years. CHM has literally been a God-send in our lives. We are grateful for their friendship and partnership and cannot recommend them enough to everyone we know that's interested in helping in the orphan care cause!"

We are truly grateful for Landon taking the time to share his heart on orphan care. The impact that Landon and his wife Cristy are making in their community, and throughout the world, is truly inspiring. We hope that you will join us this Orphan Sunday to equip and inspire Christians around the world to care for orphans like the Reesors are doing.

Thank you to everyone who supports the work of Connected Hearts. Your generosity helps families like the Reesors bring home and care for their children.


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