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Family changes everything for an orphan

Family changes everything for an orphan. Simply put, a loving family provides everything a child needs to thrive, and everything they have missed while growing up in an orphanage. This is why we work hard to help orphans have a loving forever family. Jedd Medefind, in his book Becoming Home, writes,

“Orphans are the most vulnerable people on the planet. This vulnerability touches every aspect of an orphan’s life.”

Compared to other children, orphans are much more likely to be malnourished and stunted in growth. Overall, they lack proper nutrition, education and basic medical care that they need to grow to be healthy. Even children in the best orphanages are missing out on the love, care and security that a family provides.

Thank you for helping us give hope to orphans all around the world. Your support takes an orphan from a place of vulnerability, and connects them to a family filled with love, care and endless opportunities. Adoption provides hope for a bright future to an orphan.

Unfortunately the high cost of adoption is the main reason families do not move forward with adopting, and many orphans never get the chance to have a family. Your support is helping overcome that obstacle everyday. Through our adoption funding program, we provide free financial coaching and resources, and help families raise funds to adopt. Next week we will share Jenn and Jeremy Ting’s adoption funding journey. The Tings have been part of our adoption funding program, and they raised over $35,000 in only 5 months! They will be sharing how Connected Hearts partnered with them, and will tell step by step how they raised their funds so quickly. Thank you for helping remove the financial burden for families like the Tings, and for giving orphans the opportunity to be part of a forever family.


We would like to say a special thank you to our monthly partners, and the Give 1 Help One community. Because of your monthly support, we did not have to close or cut back our services at any point in 2020, and we were able to serve more families than ever before. (One of those families was the Tings.) Thank you for making this possible.

Join Our Community and Change the World

One Child at a Time

You can help more families like the Tings adopt by joining the Give 1 Help One Community. The Give 1 Help One Community is a passionate group of monthly givers who are on a mission to turn orphans into sons and daughters.

For as little as one dollar a week you can change a child's life forever.

This incredible community is made up of generous, passionate and determined people- like you. They’re world changers and history makers.

Join Today and Get a Welcome Pack Featuring One or More of the Gifts Below. You Can Change an Orphan's Life Forever.

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