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Because we believe... we're going back

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Guest post by Allie Bestwick

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See this cutie? She has a heart condition called HRHS, Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome. That means she was born with half of a heart. 

We are a BIG family - try 7 going on 8 - in a little house.We believe with all of our hearts that kids with shortened lifespans deserve homes, too. 

We adopted our first heart baby from China 10 years ago, in 2008.With Quincie we "signed up" for cardiology appointments and open heart surgery, but got oh so much more. Turns out Quincie is off the charts deaf & has cognitive impairments that present as brain trauma. Umm, failed to mention that is an understatement! 

Exactly 10 years later, in June 2018, Quincie, our Qubes, can neither hear nor speak. She has a rudimentary grasp of American Sign Language / ASL, and my gut feeling is that she will never truly get it. I believe this wonderful gift of communication, this gift that 99% of the world takes for granted, will be lost to Quincie this side of eternity.

But that's not the end of the story.

Quincie does have a voice. QUINCIE'S VOICE IS HER ARTWORK.She has a whiteboard and black dry erase marker she carries with her wherever she goes.  And I happen to have it on good authority, from loads (!) of people, that her artwork is simply AMAZING. This sweet, happy, freelance spirit, who thinks she is a unicorn, has pocketed the secret of PURE JOY. She has GROWN US and expanded our horizons. She has brought SO MANY outstanding people into our family circle. 

Yes, it takes a V I L L AG E.

And we are so much richer for ours. 

Thank you, Qubes. :)

Adoption is not easy. It is time and effort and a whole lot of money. Especially when you go overseas. It is a lifelong journey and investment. And that journey and investment do NOT always go according to plan. But with everything Qubes and the past decade has thrown at us, we're going back.

Because a child is worth it.

Every time.

Donate Now to Help the Bestwick Family Bring Home Rosie!

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