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Baby Greyson is Celebrating His First Easter with His Forever Family!

We are thrilled to announce that Greyson is now home with the Carlisles, and will be celebrating his first Easter with his forever family!

Phillip and Sara Carlisle began working with Connected Hearts at the beginning of 2021 to raise funds for their second adoption. Like many families, the Carlises were excited to answer God’s call to adopt; however, they lacked the funds to complete their adoption. Connected Hearts worked with the Carlisles to help them identify grants, and raise over $9,000 online for their adoption.

Their adorable son Greyson was born in October 2021, and was able to go home with the Carlisles that same month. However, due to adoption laws in their state, Greyson’s adoption wasn’t finalized until February 17th. We are excited that Greyson is now officially part of the Carlise family!

Below is what the Carlise’s wrote about their experience raising funds through Connected


“We loved working with Connected Hearts. They provided an easy platform for our friends and family to donate toward our adoption expenses, and that was so helpful to us! We were very blessed by the (adoption board) fundraiser idea, and raised a good portion of our expenses this way. When it came time for our funds to be disbursed, it was a very smooth process, and they worked directly with our agency.

We are so thrilled to be a family of 4 with Greyson as our newest sweet addition… We are incredibly grateful for your assistance in this journey with us… Thank you, Connected Hearts!

As we celebrate Easter this month, we are reminded of the hope and love that Christ brings. This Easter, Greyson and over 350 children are now home with a forever family because of your support! Thank you for giving these children the opportunity to know the abundant hope and love of not only a family, but also their Savior.

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