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Country Adopting From: South Korea

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After 11 years of painstaking infertility, my (Marcia’s) parents ventured to considering adoption. Their hearts were heavy already, but then another heartache gripped them - my grandmother was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer. She died a month later, with the adoption far from my parents minds. Miraculously, the very next month my parents found out that they were pregnant - with me! Growing up, hearing this instilled such a sense of beauty toward growing a family through adoption, and put a desire in my heart to consider this for my future family.


It became solidified that I desired to adopt after I trusted in Christ. While I was in high school, I came to understand how God adopted me into His family when I accepted His gift of salvation. I brought Him nothing, yet He gave me all of His love. I saw a beautiful connection with my spiritual adoption and the opportunity to care for the orphans, widows, and the vulnerable found in Scripture.


Orphans, impoverished peoples, trafficked women and children… these were just words until 2011 for me. It was that year when I went overseas for the first time to Cambodia. This experience shook me to my core. The vulnerable people groups there were in such a different situation than me, yet they exuded such joy and hope. The Lord broke my heart for the people of Cambodia and made me fall in love with Asian culture as a whole. Kyle and I now sponsor a young girl from this beautiful country.


Initially, my husband, Kyle, was open to adoption, but only after he had “one of his own first.” He had the thought that an adopted child was almost second-best to a child by birth since he had little experience and understanding dealing with adoption. However, a few years into our marriage we were at a place where we more ready to become parents and desired to steward the life of a child. I asked him to pray about adopting, asking God to give us clarity in this decision. The Lord hit us with a tidal-wave of adoption related moments, making it overwhelmingly clear that this was his will for our lives. It was over the next few months that we met multiple people who adopted children and heard their stories. Even television shows we watched talked about welcoming a stranger into the home and loving others. Kyle’s heart was radically changed in his perspective toward adoption in those moments.


The Lord had worked powerfully in our lives, drawing us into a state of clarity toward adopting, yet we had to choose where specifically He was leading us to go. Because of my time in Cambodia and Kyle’s time in Asia leading missions with Cru (the global missions organization we work for), the Lord was clearly directing our hearts toward becoming parents to a child from Asia. 


We have since started the adoption process for South Korea and were matched with a handsome son at the end of December! After many months of ups and downs and growth beyond our imagination, our prayers to be matched with a son were answered! Although there are questions regarding his medical history (like any other adoptee) we are beyond grateful for our thriving, beautiful boy! We are thrilled to be counting down the months until we get to meet him and be his parents!

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