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Medical Condition: rare birth defect that effects the formation of his colon and lower spine

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Nate and Lindsey Williams have been married for 8 years and recently brought home their son, Oliver, from China.  After looking at programs and agencies to begin their adoption journey, Nate and Lindsey settled on the China program with All God's Children International.  As they learned more and more about the kids in the program, they really felt lead to adopt a child with special needs.  


The paperwork process of international adoption is long, and as they were already several months into this process, unbeknownst to them at the time, a baby boy was born half way around the world on Feb 21, 2014.  He was born with a rare birth defect that effects the formation of his colon and lower spine, requiring several surgeries and ongoing treatment to manage.  Seven days after his birth, facing the prospect of raising a child with medical needs that they could not afford, his birth parents made the difficult choice to abandon their son at the orphanage.  He was left in the baby safety island at the Xiamen Social Welfare Institute in Xiamen, China on Feb 28, 2014.  The note left with him simply stated that they could not afford his care and hoped that a nice family would take him in.  


Almost exactly one year later, on March 1, 2015.  Nate and Lindsey met their son for the first time to bring him home.  They have now been home 6 months.  Oliver has received one surgery to repair his spinal cord and is doing wonderfully.  He is walking around and talking like any other child his age and is the joy of his parents.

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Oliver Anchor
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