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Meikrantz Family

Country Adopting From: Eastern Europe

Adopting an Older Child

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Our Story:  (Click here to leave the family a message of encouragement)

About a year and a half ago, we felt the call to do something more for God. We didn't know what at the time, but we felt an urgency. We prayed and prayed and an opportunity came across about Orphan Hosting. We knew this was it! So we read through the bios of the kids and picked an older child because we knew that they were the ones often over looked for hosting. Our summer with "U" was amazing. Lots of fun, hugs, love and life lessons. There were also some tough conversations... Such as "Why do some people just throw their kids away?" Those were not easy questions to answer. We talked a lot of God's grace and just did our best to love him and support him and pray with him. Our whole family learned a lot from this experience and we knew without a doubt that "U" was our boy. I will never forget our first "Family Movie Night". I sat on the couch with my youngest in my lap cuddling. I know "U" had been observing how affectionate we all are.. Well he sat down beside us and at one point during the movie, he got the nerve up to grab my hand! He held on tight the rest of the movie. It was a little awkward at first, holding the hand of an almost 15 year old boy.. But I went along with it, even after my hand got sweaty! We learned in our training that sometimes kids that come from hard places, need extra affection just like little kids do. I knew this was his way of saying "Please love me too!" And we sure DID! "U" needs and wants a mom and dad. He wants and needs a family to love him, to hug him, to support and teach him, to bring him to church and help him to grow in the Lord.


The Eastern European country we are adopting from has proposed new adoption laws that will likely go into effect Jan 1st. This will affect his ability to be adopted! We are moving quickly to get all the paperwork submitted by Dec. 31st so he will be grandfathered in. We are ahead of schedule so far and about to submit our dossier. We need help with funds! We need to get our boy home in time. Please help us and help him. He has waited his entire life for a family. He told us about how he prayed when he was in the orphanage for a family, and he didn't even know why he knew how to pray. But we know God was working on his heart way back then. Thank you for this opportunity.

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