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Thanks for Helping Bring Liana Faith Home. We are Excited that She Will Soon Have a New Brother!

Patrick and Lindsay Dispenza have been married for 15 years, and always knew they wanted to adopt. They began fostering soon after getting married, and have continued to foster many children over the years. After learning about orphans with Down syndrome, the Dispenzas felt God was calling them to adopt a child who has Down syndrome. In 2021, Patrick and Lindsay applied to Connected Hearts to help them raise funds to adopt a little girl named Liana Faith. Earlier this year the Dispenzas traveled to Bulgaria to bring home Liana! When speaking of Liana, the Dispenzas said, “She has down syndrome, Hirschprung disease, and a cleft palate, but she doesn't let it stop her. She has already doubled her weight, and went from laying in a crib to crawling and pulling up on furniture. Watching her overcome so many things has been such a joy. Seeing how much Liana has thrived with their family, the Dispenzas knew they wanted to adopt again. Lindsay said, “We now have a house full of girls, including one biological daughter, but feel we still have some love to give. This time, we will be bringing home our first boy! We are so excited, but need lots of prayers and help to make it happen. With international adoption costing over $35,000, we can’t do it without you! Any help to bring this sweet boy home is greatly appreciated.

The Dispenzas will be adopting a 3 year old little boy from Bulgaria named Lane Zachari. (Pictured right.) Lindsay said, “We have seen first hand what love and proper medical care can do, and we can't wait to see what God has in store for our sweet boy as well! Thank you to everyone who supports Connected Hearts. Your support helped give Liana the love and care of a family, and will soon give Lane Zachari the opportunity to know the love of a family too!

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