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Lives Changed Story



In 2016 the Browns found out about Daniel and were excited to make him part of their family. The Browns knew they were racing against to clock to adopt Daniel before he turned 14. Although the Browns wanted to bring Daniel home soon, they were concerned about the high cost of Daniel’s adoption. They knew if they didn’t raise the funds fast, Daniel would no longer be available for adoption.


The Browns quickly applied for funding through Connected Hearts Ministry. Like the Browns, we also realized the urgency of Daniel’s situation. Thanks to a generous donor, Connected Hearts was able to give over $19,000 to the Browns to bring Daniel home.


Daniel arrived home shortly before his 14th birthday. Instead of no longer being available for adoption on his 14th birthday, Daniel got to spend his birthday with his forever family! Today Daniel is continuing to thrive with the Brown family. He loves playing with his brother and sister, visiting relatives, and playing air hockey. Thank you for giving children like Daniel the beautiful life they deserve!

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