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The Winslow's Adoption Journey

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Check out this short video about The Winslow's Adoption Story.

In 2019, Tiffany and Dan Winslow began the process to adopt Sarai and Ezariah from Bulgaria. Both Sarai and Ezariah have significant medical needs. 

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Although the Winslows felt called to adopt, they did not know how they would afford the high cost. Since they were adopting 2 children who were not siblings, and they would have to stay in Bulgaria for several weeks, they were told their adoption would cost around $46,000.

Tiffany said, "we started praying very fervently. This was such a big cost and a scary one. How could we possibly think we could do this?"

To help raise funds, the Winslows applied for Connected Heart’s adoption funding program. While raising funds, Tiffany said,

“This is such a big leap of faith, but as a family it's a faith walk we feel God is calling us on. We are trusting in Him to provide, and doing all we can to be open vessels for that providing.”

Through various fundraising efforts, and generous donors like you, God provided all of the funds the Winslows needed to complete their adoption!


In July of 2020, the Winslows traveled to Bulgaria to officially adopt Sarai and Ezariah.

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Thank you for helping bring Sarai and Ezariah home to their forever family!

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Give 1 Help One Campaign

If you would like to help children just like Sammy be connected to a forever family, please consider joining the Give 1 Help One Campaign today!

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