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Personalized Adoption Funding Coaching

Work one on one with adoption funding coaches who have helped adopting families raise over $700,000.

No Risk/ Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee that each family will raise over the cost paid for the program, or they will receive their payment back in full.

What We Offer Each Family:

One-on-One Personalized Adoption Funding Coaching:

Help With Grants

Crowdfunding assistance to increase online donations

Personalized Fundraiser specific to the family's needs

Kalmbalcher Family

Through Connected Hearts Ministry, God provided exactly what was needed to close our remaining funding gap before travel. Eden & Lydia have been home for two years, and we cannot imagine life without them!"


Cotter Family

"Lybbi was so sick that we were racing through the adoption paperwork to get her home as quickly as possible.  With such a short timeline, we weren’t sure where the money was going to come from. Connected Hearts came through at just the right time with the support we needed."

One-on-One Personalized Adoption Funding Coaching:

  • All families are paired with an adoption funding specialist that is available to them throughout their entire adoption process.

  • Families receive an initial phone call (up to one hour) with an adoption funding specialist. The specialist then creates a personalized funding plan for the family. 

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Help with Grants:

  • Families receive a list of over 50 grants, along with grant recommendations specifically for their family.

  • The adoption specialist provides tips on how to apply for grants, and also answers any questions the family may have about the grant process.

  • Connected Hearts works with several of the largest matching grant organizations, and we help make the matching grant process seamless for families.

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Crowdfunding Assistance to Increase Online Donations:

  • We create a free crowdfunding page for all families to raise funds through.  

  • We provide families with online fundraiser options to specifically increase online donations.

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Personalized Fundraisers Specific to the Family’s Needs:

  • We have a list of over 100 adoption fundraisers, and we work with each family to identify the best fundraisers to meet their specific needs.   

  • We recommend different fundraisers at different stages of the adoption process to help families maximize their donations.

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