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Our Story:  (Click here to leave the family a message of encouragement)

Hello from the Luallin family! We have been home almost one month. We are in love with Maggie Luallin. We have been very busy this last month with doctor appointments and getting everyone in a routine. Maggie has seen the neurosurgeons and the oncologist. A plan has been made to remove the entire tumor on December 4th. We are praying that the pathology report comes back benign. Once the report comes back a plan will be made to determine if chemotherapy and radiation are necessary, the plan for the placement of a shunt is also on hold until a determination can be made about pressures in the brain.

All of this medical information does not describe the love we have for this precious little girl! She thinks her older brother is the funniest thing alive. She will roll all over the family room floor to catch him screaming the entire way! One of our daughters had to come home this semester from college due to a knee surgery. These two sisters are in love! They spent lots of time snuggling each other. I have already contacted the local school and a special education program will begin for Maggie’s therapies as soon as we get a medical release.

Maggie has been labeled several times as a miracle. Doctor’s are unable to explain how she is alive with the size and pressure of the tumor. We realize that we have been entrusted with this child. We consider it an honor to be witnesses to her amazing life story.

Maggie’s medical treatments and surgeries will be under the direction of St. Jude’s in Memphis Tennessee. St. Jude’s is set up to take only what insurance will pay with no additional cost to families. In addition it is my understanding that they will provide housing and some food expenses. Due to Maggie’s brain pressures we will be driving to and from Memphis. My husband and I desire to be good stewards with our finances and other children. We have decided to tag team with each other as we stay with Maggie at the hospital. We are both thankful for our jobs. I will work two days a week and my husband three days. We will drive to and from Memphis to make this work. We are so thankful for your generosity and your compassion for our family.

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