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Lives Changed Story

Lybbi Cotter

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Lybbi Cotter

In July of 2014, the Cotters were in Hong Kong preparing to board a flight that would change their lives forever. They were bringing home their newly adopted daughter, Lybbi. Their flight home was no usual flight though, as there was a good chance Lybbi would not survive the flight. Lybbi was born with a severe heart defect, which can make her oxygen levels drop dangerously low. Typically oxygen level decreases at altitude, which made her trip life threatening.


Thousands of people around the world gathered together to pray for Lybbi's trip home. Some groups even prayed through the night. The answer to those prayers was nothing short of a miracle. Not only did Lybbi make it home safely, but her oxygen levels during the flight were the highest her doctor had ever seen!  


Lybbi has been through several surgeries, and, although her heart isn't "fixable," she is very active and is thriving with her forever family. She attends school, loves playing with her brothers and sister, and has even been in People Magazine Online! Through generous donors like you, Connected Hearts Ministry was able to help the Cotters raise over $30,000 to bring Lybbi home to her forever family, and receive the medical care that she desperately needed.

Lybbi has touched more lives in her few years than many people will touch in their entire lifetime.

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