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Medical Condition: Cloacal Exstrophy

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Landon and Cristy Reesor felt led by God to adopt a little girl from China with special needs. Through their adoption agency, All God's Children International, the Reesors learned of a little girl that was born in China in November 2012 with a birth defect that required one urgent surgery in China and would likely require another corrective surgery.  Landon and Cristy didn't know much about this little girl's special need but they knew this little girl was their daughter.

After bringing Lili home in February 2014 at 15 months old, Landon and Cristy began the process to find out exactly what her medical condition was and to figure out what medical intervention she would need. 


They soon realized that Lili's medical condition was much more rare and complicated than anyone had known.  They also knew Lili needed a surgeon who had great expertise and experience with her medical condition.  After searching for over a year, Landon and Cristy finally found the best surgeon for Lili and they were so blessed to find out that this surgeon had just moved his practice from Cincinnati Children's  to the Children's Hospital of New York in New York City, not far from the Reesor's home.  Lili had her first major corrective surgery on August 21, 2015.


Lili's medical condition affects her digestive, reproductive and urinary systems and also presents spinal and pelvic defects.


Lili will need several more corrective surgeries, some in the next few years and others when she is older.  While Lili needs daily care and medical intervention for some of her basic functions, she is healthy, happy and not limited in activity.  


Lili is adored by her parents and siblings and they are all so honored to have the privilege of loving, supporting and caring for her through this difficult medical journey. 

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Lili Anchor
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