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Medical Condition: Missing digits on both Hands and Feet

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Jonathan is very happy and loving eight year old boy from Xiamen, China. He joined our family about 5 weeks ago and we have really grown in leaps and bounds, now as a family of 5. Since Jonathan has been home, we have been working on bonding and getting to know one another, but also we have started to address some of Jonathan's medical needs. Most prominent is the extensive work he needs done on his mouth. The pediatric dentist is recommending he have 5 teeth extracted and have four fillings placed. Because of the amount of work that needs to be done, she would like Jonathan to be asleep for the procedure. Jonathan did so well at the dentist, we hope to keep him comfortable during his visits and with the anesthesia, this should encourage a "safe" feeling when at the dentist. This work is just the beginning to repairing his little mouth, but we are thankful he has a chance to have a healthy smile in the future.

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Jonathan Anchor
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