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Maggie Joy

Maggie Joy

Maggie Joy is a toddler from China who had a large cancerous brain tumor. Maggie needed urgent life saving surgery to remove the tumor. When the Luallin family found out about Maggie, they knew they were called to adopt her. Unfortunately since they had already adopted 4 children, they lacked the funds to pay for Maggie’s adoption. The Luallins were concerned because they needed to raise over $30,000 to bring Maggie home. Although this amount was high, they loved Maggie deeply, and knew she deserved a better life.


The Luallins were quickly referred to Connected Hearts to help them raise funds to bring Maggie home. At Connected Hearts we understand that the cost of adoption is high, but we didn’t want that to get in the way of the Luallins being able to give Maggie Joy the life she deserved. Through a generous donor, Connected Hearts was able to give the Luallins over $30,000 to fully fund Maggie Joy's adoption!  When the Luallins received this news, they were overjoyed, and were thrilled to move forward with bringing Maggie home!


Maggie Joy has now been home for 2 years. We are excited to announce that her tumor was removed, and she is now completely cancer free! This beautiful little girl now has the life she deserves, and is thriving with her forever family!

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