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Lives Changed Story



Austin was found abandoned on December 22, 2013, just three days before Christmas. Instead of celebrating Christmas with his family, Austin spent that Christmas, and the next three years, in an orphanage.


In 2015, the Mulvany family found out about Austin. They fell in love with him, and knew he was meant to be their son!. Not having funds to bring Austin home was a concern for the Mulvanys. However, they stepped out in faith trusting that God would provide. The Mulvanys soon applied for funding through Connected Hearts. We understood the high cost of Austin’s adoption; however, we did not want that to get in the way of the Mulvanys being able to answer God’s call to adopt him. Thanks to a generous donor, Connected Hearts was able to give the Mulvanys over $24,000 to complete their adoption!


The following is what Lisa Mulvany, Austin’s mom, wrote shortly after arriving home with Austin:


“Austin arrived safely home on October 20th. He is doing well and seems to be having a seemless transition. He is one of the bravest and happiest kids I have ever met. I want to thank you again for making it possible for him to have a family and a home, and for us to be blessed with another son. Our family is very grateful to Connected Hearts Ministry and your generous donors for making orphans sons and daughters. We can not say thank you enough. We are humbled and blessed by you. Thank you.” - Lisa Mulvany


Four years after being abandoned, we are rejoicing that Austin will now spend every Christmas with his forever family!

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