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Smith Family

Country Adopting From: Phillipines

Special Need: Endocrine Disorder

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Adoption...God's Heart...Our Calling and Privilege


Even before Drew and I were married, God planted the dream of adopting overseas in our hearts. After having our first two precious daughters, Lauren and Elise, we knew it was time to pursue our third little girl whom we believed would be born in China. God blessed us with Ana Leigh in 2010 after years of prayer and paperwork; a labor of love to rival any birthing experience! She has been and continues to be a tremendous source of joy in our family, and none of us can remember or imagine life without her. She has changed our lives in ways we could not anticipate. Most precious to me, as her Mama, having Ana Leigh has given me a glimpse of our Father's love for us as His adopted children. In fact, I find it breathtaking that in Mark 14:36, Christ addresses God the Father as “Abba Father”, while in Romans 8:15, we are also given the privilege of crying out to Him in the exact same way: “...but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.” One of the many blessings of having an adopted child is increased understanding of the Father's love for us and the fact that He sees us as joint heirs with His Son. Adoption...undeniably God's idea.


After much prayer, conversation and tears, we believe God has placed our fourth daughter in the Philippines. We are eagerly anticipating the day He places her in our arms; in His perfect timing. Adoption, as with any eternally-focused life experience, comes with both tremendous blessings as well as challenges. We can honestly say God does work all things together for good, and He can be trusted with every detail of our lives. We are honored to be taking this journey once again.


It's no secret, adoption is incredibly expensive. It definitely requires a leap of faith financially. We are so thankful God has allowed us to spend regular family time with our daughters. Being able to homeschool them is such a luxury, but it requires sacrifice. Since we are living on one salary, things can be tight. We don't believe families should have to go into debt to bring their children home, although we were forced to do just that with our first adoption, and so far, have also had to finance part of this one. Our fundraising has been successful and a blessing thus far, but we still have a ways to go.


Our sweet Filipino daughter, Angela is seven years old. Without going into great personal detail, her family history and conception is less than ideal. She might possibly have an endocrine disorder as a result. Her test results show a “very low IQ” and on her last check-up, she was described as being “stunted and wasted/malnourished”. Angela is our daughter, and we can not wait until we can begin to show her what it means to have a forever family and unconditional love; not just from us, but ultimately from her Savior, Jesus.


We are scheduled to travel in 2-4 months and are praying daily for God's provision financially. We know He is faithful, and where He guides, He will provide. Thank you so much for your prayers and/or financial support. We are truly grateful to you for selflessly helping families to fund their adoptions and for giving these precious children the joy of having forever families.



Drew and Brittany Smith and family

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